We do not promise a certain coat type or color when accepting your deposit.  By leaving a deposit you agree that you will take the puppy that is best suited for your family.  We do our best to match you with what your family preferences are.  Once you have complete this application we will contact you to discuss the possibility of a Portuguese Water Dog from Allegiance PWDs.
What is the reason you wish to add a Portuguese Water Dog (PWD) to your family.  Check all that apply
Please complete the online application below to be considered for one of ALLEGIANCE PWD puppies.  Before completing the online application please click the button below to read our policies and procedures on raising and placing our puppies.  It is helpful as we are always asked questions that are answered in this information.  PLEASE READ IT FIRST.

List all names of ADULT applicants
Address of Applicant and where PWD will reside
Please list applicants email address
Home and Cell Phone Numbers
Emergency Contact Other Than Spouse/Partner Please include name and phone number
Please list Employer/Occupation of BOTH applicants 
If not employed please explain your ability financially to meet the needs of your PWD
Please list names and ages of all children in the home
What experience or interaction have you had with a PWD?  If none we can try to put you in touch with meeting a PWD.
If you have owned a PWD please list your breeder(s)
Please list your current veterinarian.  If you do not have one list who you plan to use.  Include name of clinic, vet's name, address and phone number
PWDs require regular, professional grooming every 6 to 8 weeks.  Please list the name and phone number of your groomer.  If you do not have a groomer currently you will need to locate one familiar with this breed prior to bringing your PWD home.
Please list your current pets. Include name, breed, sex, age, spayed/neutered.  If none type no pets at this time.
Please list past pets you have owned in your adult life.  Include name, breed, sex, age and where are they now.  If none type no pets as adult
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Please estimate the cost of yearly vet care for your PWD?
What hours during the day will your PWD be home alone?
If adults in the home work full time, please tell us how you plan to care for your puppy while you are away the entire work day?
Where will your PWD be housed when you are not home?  Check all that apply
Where will your PWD sleep at night?  Check all that apply
If you rent please provide your landlord's name and phone number please.
PWDs require regular exercise and benefit from daily walks.  Will your family be able to provide the necessary exercise this breed requires?  Please explain how you will do this?
If NO FENCE how do you plan to contain your PWD and how will you exercise your dog?
How will you handle destructive behaviors such as; chewing, accidents in the house, excessive barking, etc?
If you will NOT take your PWD to training class please explain why?
If you move in the future will you insure your PWD can move with you?
Explain any situation in which you would NOT be able to take your PWD with you if you moved?
Please provide 3 references.  Include name and phone number.  You may use your vet as one.
Please add any other information you wish us to consider when reviewing your application?
Please type your name(s) below of all applicants.  This is accepted as your signature.  By signing you are stating ALL above information entered is true and correct.
At this time our puppy availability will be spring and summer  2024.  
If you are willing to wait please continue with your application.
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Please tell us why you feel the PWD is the right breed for you and your family.
WavyCurlyNo preference
Companionship/Family Pet
Want to breed Portuguese Water Dogs
Looking for a show dog
Water Work
Dock Diving
Own your home
Rent your home
YES have a fenced in backyardNO fenced in backyard
YES I will crate train my PWDNO I will NOT crate train my PWD
YES our PWD puppy will attend training class
NO our PWD puppy will NOT attend training class
YES I understand if I cannot keep my PWD the dog MUST be returned to the breeder.NO I will not return PWD to breeder
Black w/ white markings
Brown w/ white markings
No color preference
Plan to have kids in the futureNo plans to have kids Our children are grown
Own(ed) a Portuguese Water Dog Have never owned a Portuguese Water Dog
AGREE to keep my PWD current on vaccines and / or titers
DO NOT believe in vaccinating my pets
Free Roam
Loose in fenced yard when NOT HOME
Outside Kennel unsupervised
Barn or Garage
In our room or children's room
crate in our room
crate in another part of house
outside in kennel run or garage
apartment or condo
single family home
farm or acreage
on a boat