We have been involved in purebred dogs for almost 30 years.  We started showing and breeding in 1996 with Newfoundlands.  Our love for the Portuguese Water Dog began early on but as our family was growing we wanted to wait to add a second breed.  That time finally arrived, after what seemed like forever.

Amy purchased our first Portuguese Water Dog in 2005 from Peggy Helming and Milan Lint of Pouch Cove PWDs.  Amy had been looking into the breed for many years.  Amy had admired the breed ever since a PWD spent the weekend sleeping in her lap and cuddling up with her at the Cleveland dog shows in 2000.  It just so happened on one of Amy's visits to Peggy Helmings there was a gorgeous litter of PWDs just calling her to take one home.  Well that litter was spoken for but she played, cuddled and loved them for the few days she was there.  Peggy contacted Amy a few months later to let her know there had been another litter with a great girl in there for our family.  That is how Pouch Coves Stay Tuned - Sony came to Allegiance.  Our next addition of a PWD came to us from Peggy Helming and Milan Lint of Pouch Cove and Dejah Petsch of Tempest.  We feel very fortunate to have welcomed Pouch Coves Tempest Sea Me At Allegiance - Waverly into our home and lives.  The rest is history :)

We participate in conformation, obedience, rally and agility events.  We  hope to train our PWDs to participate in water tests as well.  Several of our PWD families are participating in water tests already.  PWDs are a very versatile breed.  Many Portuguese Water Dogs participate in tracking, search and rescue and are therapy dogs too.  As wonderful as we think this breed is a PWD is not for everyone.  You must do your research about the Portuguese Water Dog and visit several breeders and spend time with them before you decide to get a PWD.  

The Portuguese Water Dogs do have health concerns that you should be aware of before purchasing a puppy.  An experienced breeder or fancier or your local Portuguese Water Dog Club can help educate you on those issues.  You can also visit the national Portuguese Water Dog Club of America at pwdca.org.  There you will also be able to locate the regional club in your area so you too can become involved with the breed.  You don't need a PWD to be a member and most events are open to non-members.  
Our home is always open to anyone in the area passing through the Bowling Green, Kentucky area or who would like to visit our dogs.  Our dogs always love visitors.  We are located about 15 minutes south of Bowling Green or about 60 minutes north of Nashville.  Give us a call if you are coming to the area and set up an appointment for a visit.  We would love to have you meet our dogs.
Evan, Keenan and Brendan
Aidan, McKenna and Clare
This photo is a bit outdated. Their ages now are Evan 28, Brendan 27, Keenan 24, Aidan 20, Clare 17 and McKenna 16 years old. 
About Allegiance PWDs
2017 Christmas Family Photo
Left to Right:  Daughter-in-law: Chantelle, Son: Evan, Grand-daughter: Addison, Son: Aidan, Daughters:  McKenna and Clare, Son:  Brendan, Daughter-in-law: Kimmie and Son:  Keenan
Top left:  Evan, McKenna,  Keenan
Bottom left:  Aidan, Clare, Brendan