Allegiance Upcoming Litters
We do our best to keep this area of the website current.  If you have any questions at any time do not hesitate to reach out via email, text or phone.  We usually have a waitlist of some sort for each litter.  We announce our planned breedings, when pregnancy is confirmed and when the litter is born all on our Allegiance Pwds Facebook Group.  Occasionally you will find an announcement on Instagram but that is not the most up to date location for information.  
Below are photos that show you how are puppies are cared for.  I have included photos of our dog yards, puppy yards, puppies in their whelping box, and their raising pen.  All our dog and all of our litters/puppies are raised in our home underfoot.  We have also included photos of the puppies crate training and you will see their potty box for early potty training in their areas.  Most of the toys are puppies are raised with are for infants and toddlers.  

Planned 2023/2024 breedings are:

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Pebbles x Roman expected approx. July 19, 2023

Wellie x Jax - bred in July 2023

Bergen x Zags - Fall/Winter 2023

Co-breedings that will be bred/raised at Allegiance

Reba x Brix - late 2023/early 2024

Gracie x Zags​ - Spring 2024