What To Expect When You're Expecting
Your first order of business, if you have not already, is to join the Allegiance PWDs Facebook Group.   We upload all videos and photos to this Facebook page.  This is where you will be able to follow the puppies from day one until all of them are in the forever homes.   The following information will help guide you through most of the process over the next 9 weeks from birth of the puppies until they are picked up by their new families. 

WEEK ONE:  This week they spend all of their time eating and sleeping.  They don't move around much.  They need to stay warm and with their mother as much as possible.  The puppies will eat every 2 to 3 hours around the clock.  We don't get much rest during the first couple weeks after the puppies are born.  When the puppies are about 3 days old they will be taken to the vet for dewclaw removal. We will also begin trimming their nails this week and again every week until they go home.  You will receive photos of the individual puppies on Facebook when they are one week old.  We begin our Puppy Culture Early Neurological Stimulation program at Day One.  To find out more about Puppy Culture you can visit www.puppyculture.com 

WEEK TWO:  This week the puppies eyes will begin to open.  They become a bit more mobile with each passing day.  Most of them have favorite places on the milk bar they like to eat.  They crawl over one another to get there.  We continue to feed them around the clock every 3 hours or so.  We also continue with our Puppy Culture program.  The puppies towards the end of this week start pushing up and sort of walking (think drunken sailors).  The pups will get their nails trimmed as well.  Again we will take individual puppy photos when they turn two weeks old. They will also be posted to Facebook.  We will announce the date of the puppy party by the end of this week so you have 4 weeks to make plans to attend.  The puppy party usually takes place about 6 of 6.5 weeks of age. You should also begin reading all the articles on the OWNERS ONLY page that are listed in the section BEFORE YOUR PUPPIES COMES HOME.

WEEK THREE:  This is the week when the photos really start flooding the Facebook page.  The puppy's eyes are all open, they are up and walking around and playing with each other.  This week they are also introduced to the baby rice cereal and goats milk with a bit of whole, plain yogurt. Puppies will be introduced to a new toy each day.  They will also begin with their Startle and Recovery PC training. In addition we also start separating puppies one at a time from the litter for short periods of time and let play in the other room.  Puppies will be wormed this week and get their nails trimmed for the third time.  Individual puppy photos will be taken at this age and posted on Facebook.

WEEK FOUR:  Are you tired of the videos and photos yet or are you going back to them over and over again, spending more time in front of the computer than you should, not getting any work done?  Well that may only get worse.  The puppies will graduate from baby cereal and goats milk to raw 93% hamburger and water soaked puppy food.  They will begin to get their teeth and the softened food helps them to eat it.  Their personalities are starting to show.  The puppies move from their 4 x 4 foot whelping box to their 12 ft. x 14 ft. condominium otherwise known as our dining room.  This week begins the new challenge week with Puppy Culture.  The puppies will start working on problem solving, visit with other adult dogs and have strange objects put into their path to learn to maneuver around and barrier challenges.  They will also be introduced to the clicker this week. This is a BIG WEEK for the puppies.  You should also purchase your puppy blanket and if you will not be attending the puppy party please mail the blanket.  We put lion trims on puppies as we consider retaining them here as show prospects. The lion trim will have a shaved face and butt.  All puppies will have their face area trimmed up, tail put into a proper PWD tail and ears and feet trimmed up.  Individual puppy photos will be posted to Facebook.

WEEK FIVE:  More and more photos and videos, you will feel like you are on overload. This is the week they really start to move around their play area, climbing on slides, playing in the ball pit, teeter totter, tunnel, noisy toys and using their "litter box " area to potty. You as a new puppy owner should be purchasing all the necessary supplies so you have them set up in time and ready for the arrival of you new baby. Items you should have prior to 7 weeks are; bag of food - (we will let you know what we are using - buy large bag if you plan to use same food or smaller bag to transition your puppy to your choice of food - if transitioning buy that new food of your choice too), crate, collar, leash, toys NOT LATEX or plastic type, grooming tools (brush, comb and nail trimmers), water bucket and food dish and dog shampoo.  You can find these items listed on the OWNERS ONLY page under BEFORE YOUR PUPPY COMES HOME the article named Preparing For Your Puppy.  Puppy Culture training continues as we move into The Communication Trinity Part 1, 2 and 3.  The puppies will also experience a fear period during this time.  We suggest that you make your post purchase exam vet appointment about this time.  It is also a good idea to contact the training facility and sign up for the next class when you puppy will be about 10 to 12 weeks of age.  These classes fill up quick and you don't want to be pushed back another 6 weeks.  The puppies will also be wormed again if necessary.  Individual photos will be posted to Facebook.  

WEEK SIX:  This is typically personality plus week.  I feel they really start to shine at this age.  Puppy training is in full swing and they really start to respond to the work we are doing with them.  The manding training is a bit more solid and they are learning there are rewards for their behaviors and how to ask for what they want. They are little heathens, into everything, adventurous, explorers and generally have the zoomies quite frequently. They are also introduced to crates this week. We will try extra hard to wear them out during this time period :) This is the week of the PUPPY PARTY.  Bring your NEW baby blanket and either have it shipped to us or bring it with you to the puppy party. These blankets will go home with the puppies when you pick them up but will also aid in their transition out of the litter and into your home. The blanket is a reminder as it smells like their mom and littermates.  You should also look into doggy daycare at this time if that is a choice you will make for your puppy. Also a dog walker too if you are interested in that as well. These places/people tend to have a waiting list.  Typically there are many photos and videos from the puppy party.  Many families have their "favorite" puppies (caution you to keep an open mind at the puppy party) and can't wait to find out who they will be taking home.  This week we just continue along the training path with the puppies we have been on. This is a big observation week for us.  I will be observing puppies with all the families that come to see them this weekend.  This is also a preparation week as the puppy party is quite an undertaking. I may take a few less photos or videos this week due to time constraints.

WEEK SEVEN:  This is another big week for the puppies.  Puppies will have a few of my friends/breeders over for a visit.  All puppies will be evaluated for show potential. Temperament tests are also this week.  And if that isn't enough to keep us busy, we will also have CAER eye exams at the ophthalmologist.  If there is another day in the week available (kidding) the puppies will have their vet visit this week.  At the vet visit the puppies will have a fecal check, vaccines (DA2PP),  be microchipped, and a complete examination.  After all the vet visits and evaluations are completed I will make my decision on which puppy I am keeping and which puppy the stud dog owner is taking. Once those decisions have been made we will take all our information from your applications, my notes on families and individual puppies, temperament test results and your preference sheet from the 6 week puppy party and use everything we have to make determinations on where each puppy will be placed forever. You will receive a phone call or email later that week letting you know.  Puppy pick up times will be decided.  Individual puppy photos will be posted to Facebook.  

WEEK EIGHT:  Puppy contracts will go out this week for your review. Start thinking of names for your puppy - your AKC registered name MUST begin with Allegiance and can be anything you wish after Allegiance and you have up to a total of 50 spaces to use for a name. 

  Name examples that have been used: 

  Allegiance Knock Your Socks Off - call name Knickers
  Allegiance Almost An Heir - call name Pippa
  Allegiance Come Sea About Me - call name Motown
  Allegiance Time In A Bottle - call name Genie

  We can help with naming or names if you would like assistance.

There will not be as many puppy photos during this week as I gear up to send the puppies home.  We will be putting together puppy binders, finalizing puppy pick up times, getting contracts reviewed, firming up any families flying in to pick up their puppies and making sure the puppies are still getting what they need from us.  Eight weeks can also be another fear period as well so we must continue working with the puppies and keeping all of their interactions positive.  They should have a pretty good handle on the clicker now as well.  They should be used to a crate and have driven in a car several times by now.  We do as much as possible to make their transition smooth into their forever homes.

WEEK NINE:  THIS IS A BIG WEEK FOR PUPPIES AND FAMILIES.  Puppy pick up is scheduled in one hour time slots.  It is important you are here on time as we typically have other families scheduled for pick up before and after you.  My family also needs to be able to rely on a schedule during this crazy time.  I appreciate you respecting that.  In return we will get your back on the road as quickly as possible.     

What you can expect on pick up day; YOUR PUPPY, puppy blanket you sent us at 6 weeks, binder with AKC information, microchip information, vet history, vaccine history, training articles, safety, grooming and much more to read up on. We will also go over any questions you have or grooming if necessary.  You will need to bring a collar (adjustable from 8 or 10 inches), leash, bowl for water and food if you are driving a long distance.  A crate is also necessary for transporting your puppy.  You will need a crate pad as well so your puppy isn't slipping all over the crate while you are driving or any sudden stops.  You should consider bringing a toy or chew bone for your puppy as well.  They may need something to keep them busy while you are driving.  If you can bring another person along that can be very helpful.  Your puppy will be freshly bathed, nails trimmed and ready for their forever home.  We will have been preparing you for this moment for the past 9 weeks so this transition tends to go smooth for everyone involved.  

Remember we are here for you throughout the life of your puppy.  If you ever have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us from the beginning of the process on out.  

This information on this page is extremely important to read if you are getting a puppy from Allegiance Pwds.  We discuss our process week by week, how we chose families and on overview of what to expect throughout the weeks.   We encourage you to read through all of this information and the articles on the Owners Only page as they will help you be a better dog owner and likely help your transition with your new puppy much smoother.  As always if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.  

Allegiance Puppy Information