Adding a puppy to your home is not always as easy as it sounds.  Puppies require constant supervision, training and redirection.  It is very much like adding another child into your household.  Having a new puppy demands a lot of your patience, dedication from all family members and your time.  PWDs are not like other breeds.  They are demanding of your attention, exhuberant, spirited, mischevious, energetic, independent thinkers, and they will challenge you. They tend to be counter surfers in search for your food instead of theirs.  Also PWDs require weekly brushing and regular grooming.  If you are thinking to yourself.. you must be crazy if you think I want a dog with those characteristics... than the PWD is NOT for you!!!!  If you think... not so bad I expected as much from a puppy then please read on.

Our puppies are extremely well socialized, exposed to all household noises, rides in the car and many children and visitors.  The puppies are raised in our home right in the middle of our daily lives.  They are handled by us and our  children from birth.  We keep them as integrated into our family as our other dogs.  We take the time to get puppies acquainted with having their nails trimmed, groomed, being on a grooming table and getting bathed.  Your Allegiance PWD will be well socialized, happy and healthy and ready for a forever family of their own.

When purchasing a puppy from Allegiance you are not only entering into a commitment between your family and your new PWD but also a relationship with your breeder.  As your breeder we are here to mentor you throughout the life of your PWD.  We are committed to making sure your PWD experience is the best it can be.  We want you to be as comfortable with us as your breeder as we are with you as an owner of an Allegiance PWD.  

Please be patient with us as we interview you for one of our puppies.  Every effort is made to make sure we have what you want and that your family is a home we strive to place one of our puppies in.  We do not place puppies on first come, first serve basis.  We work very hard to match our puppies with the appropriate family, first and foremost.  We do take into consideration sex and coat type but those are secondary to matching families with the right puppy. Remember we have raised these puppies from birth and have spent countless hours caring, loving and studying them.  Preference is given to placing puppies we believe to have potential show/conformation and/or working aptitude. Homes for those potential puppies are located first.  

Raising puppies is an enormous job.  The time commitment is incredible.  The countless hours put into these puppies is a reflection of our love and commitment to the puppies and the breed.  We are protective of the breed and will work very hard to protect the integrity of not only Allegiance PWDs but all PWDs alike.  For that reason (and more) all puppies sold as pets from Allegiance MUST be spayed/neutered by the time they are 18 months of age and are sold on LIMITED registration. 

If you are one of the lucky families that will be getting an Allegiance PWD this is what you can expect from us when your puppy is ready to go home:

  • All of our breeding stock is OFA certified hips/ elbows and have passed all other necessary testing pertinent to the breed
  • Vaccines current to their age 
  • Wormed a minimum of 2 times 
  • Microchipped for permanent identification
  • Vet exam 
  • Contract and Guarantee for your puppy
  • The Portuguese Water Dog:  A Guide for the New Owner Book 
  • Puppy care package/blanket/stuffed toy/puppy information binder
  • Owners Only section on website for helpful article and information
  • Never ending breeder support via email, phone or regular mail

We do as much as we can to get you and your puppy started on the road to a successful lifelong relationship.

Please visit breeders and see their dogs prior to any commitment.  Make sure that you look into any/all health issues regarding PWD dogs.  It is important to talk to the breeder you chose about health issues in their lines or the health clearances that the parents have.  All this information can be found on our website as well the PWDCA (PWD Club of America) at . 

Here at Allegiance we expect that prior to committing to a PWD puppy from any breeder you have done your homework and researched the breed. Most people spend more time researching appliances or a new car than when they add a puppy into their family. Please don't let that be you. 

We expect you to know the breed and be able to tell us why you want a Portuguese Water Dog.  What characteristics of the PWD best fit your family? You can be sure we will ask questions about your schedule, experience with the breed, what you hope for in a PWD and your commitment to keeping your new puppy for life regardless of relocating, new babies, or new work hours.  We know you would not re-home your child due to a schedule change, a move across the country for your job or because you had another baby.  And because you would not do that with your human children we expect you would not do that with your canine children.  Should you EVER experience an event in your life however that forces you to have to re-home your PWD you MUST return your PWD to Allegiance, no questions asked!  

We expect you to provide a home that is dedicated to loving this puppy on the good days and bad.  We expect you to train this PWD puppy to be a wonderful member of your family that you can enjoy for many years to come.  We require ALL puppies complete at least puppy/basic obedience class.  Not only will that be a benefit for your family and working with your new puppy but it also aides in forming an amazing bond with your PWD puppy.

Email us for an application and further information regarding our puppies.

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Rainbow puppy from Sony x Digit litter at 14 weeks old.  She was at the GLPWDC annual meeting/Halloween event as a jail dog :)  So cute she was.
10-10-09 Kelly with Rainbow, myself in the middle and Joy with Ave.  Pups are 14 weeks old here.
Conan getting a bath in a sink.  I bet there is more water out than in :)
Photo Gallery of Allegiance Puppies Growing Up!

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Allegiance Puppies
If you are interested in a puppy,
please complete our online application.  You can find that located on the left of the page in the Navigation buttons.
Please read through the information below before completing an application.  The info below explains our process and who we are a bit more.  
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From the Puppy Culture website - "Jane Killion, author of When Pigs Fly, has assembled a team of experts to give fascinating insight, deep wisdom, and practical instruction for breeders, puppy owners or anyone else who touches puppies. Over 50 lessons are organized on a logical, week-by-week time-line to give breeders and puppy owners a clear road map for raising a puppy. The film follows one litter of puppies through the program and checks back on them over the next three years so you can see the profound, almost unbelievable results of the Puppy Culture program!"
We recommend our potential families to read over the program and consider investing in the DVDs for your PWD after you bring your pup home.

Planned 2023/2024 breedings are:

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Wellie x Marco - will confirm pregnancy Nov 8, 2023

Bergen x Brix - breeding in Fall/Winter 2023

Reba x undecided sire - breeding February 2024

Co-breedings that will be bred/raised at Allegiance

Bikini x Jax - breeding end of 2023/early 2024

Gracie x Brix​ - Spring 2024