Allegiance Families' Photos
Take a look at how our puppies grow up in their wonderful, loving homes.  If you own an Allegiance Pwd share your dog's photo and we will add you to our Family page.   If you are interested in a Pwd puppy take a look at some of our families and where they are from.
Banff Benedict in the pool in Massachusetts
Churro Olley - Texas
Churro Olley - Texas
Drake and Rio Simpson relaxing in Colorado
Fred Peitz saying hello in Michigan
Fred Peitz hanging on the couch in Michigan
Jewel Johnson and her dad, Dave kayaking in Texas
Jewel and her mom, Melissa at Take Your Dog To Work Day in Texas
Jewel hanging out on the couch in Texas
Jewel Johnson on the river in Texas
Kiwi in the pool in Illinois
Kiwi peeking out the door in Illinois
Kiwi on the table... Ut Oh... in Illinois
Kona Sigakis in Michigan
Kona chilling on the pontoon in Michigan
Kona Sigakis in his rocking chair - Michigan
Lexi Smith in Arizona with her red ball
Lucy Henderson in her pool - Louisana
Lucy playing dress up in Louisiana
Maggie Delveaux relaxing in North Carolina
Maggie in her shades actin' all cool ... because she is - North Carolina
Ridley Hare in the mountains of Colorado
Rio Simpson in Colorado on the Rio river
Roman hanging out on his new couch
Tahiti looking beautiful in the grass yard where she lives in Oregon
Tilly with her water toy hoping the snow melts in Massachusetts so she can get back into the water.
Tilly earning her Rally title - Massachusetts
Toby going over a jump in agility - Missouri
Vogue living her best life in Germany