Our Portuguese Water Dogs
Our PWDs living with us
They are AKC Champions or working toward their AKC Championship and Grand Chmapionship
Our Retired PWDs
Finished AKC Champions and have retired from our breeding program.  They either live with us or their retirement family.

Occassionally our retired dogs are available for adoption into forever homes.  If you may be interested in a retired show dog or breeding dog you can email us and we can provide you with information about what we have or may have in the future.
Some of the links to meet the dogs are not completed yet. 
 I am working on them to get their pages up and running.
The Boys of Allegiance Pwds
The Girls of Allegiance Pwds
If you have any questions

 about our boys or stud dog

 information please email.

  We are happy to discuss our dogs with you.